Heartbeats (Marina Frolova, 2015)

Photography. Series of 13. Dimensions variable.

Memories of some event in our lives become less and less clear with each new event. Human brain constantly processes and adapts information. Lack of basis, detachment from spiritual roots, crumbling of ideals and values produce fear of total amnesia – loss of memory.

Reconstruction of memory is a necessary measure against laws of natural decline and forgetting, the transformation of temporary into permanent, the technique of storing and broadcasting memories. It shapes the memories, gives them significance and sense, otherwise, they would remain fragmented, single scenes without temporary or spatial continuity. The attempt to reconstruct memories, on one hand, gives an opportunity to be heard and seen by the society, on the other, simplifies and averages experience with a risk of becoming a standard reference, a routine or a stereotype.

This project is a reflection about lost, an attempt to remember, reconstruct, and transform the senses of memories. I reconstruct not only the memory but also the image of the outside world and the image of me, reconsidering the past and creating the new consistent image of the world and of my place within it.

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