YOURS/MINE (Zhanna Kadyrova, 2015-16)


“YOURS/MINE” attempts to construct a territorial and sociocultural landscape of the country, built from photographs of Ukrainian houses from all the regions. Among them are the houses from the regions untouched by the war, the houses of those remaining in the occupied territories, and those who was forced to leave them and settle elsewhere.

“YOURS/MINE” analyses the idea of home as a closed, private place, a place of nostalgic attraction, yearning, and reflection, which receives a symbolic meaning through our personal emotions regardless of its geographic location.

The medium of the project accentuates the fragility of home as an idea, reminds how easily the homes of those who had to relocate were destroyed and how easy it is to destroy the homes of those who live far away from the war.

Photos by Ela Bialkowska.