Routes (2016)

Audio installation.

For this project we’ve gathered daily routine routes through their home cities from 20 IDPs.

Monotonous recitation of street names recreates the simple and banal life in occupied cities before the occupation. Three blocks on foot from home to school, a long journey in an uncomfortable bus through the traffic jams, or a picturesque road by the sea — every route registers and encodes a personal history of a loss transforming it into a set of toponyms.

Thus peaceful pre-war life is being cataloged to make a common geographical space of our losses.

By the request of the persons interviewed the starting and ending points of every route were intentionally made too general to be deciphered.

Music: Stanislav Bobritskiy.
Voice: Dmytro Chertousov, Lia Dostlieva, Vitalii Shupliak, Victor Corwic, Andrii Dostliev.
Produced by Lia Dostlieva & Andrii Dostliev.