Image (Yulia Polunina-But, 2016)

Photography. Series of 15 lenticular prints. Size: 20 x 30 cm each.

I keep replaying in my mind my last day in Simferopol. I remember every bit of that day. A typical Crimean winter day, so boring and so warm. My mother and I are in a yellow bus filled with light. I remember how many people were there on this bus, where did they sit, what did they talk about but I cannot recall at all what did mother look like. I cannot recall her favorite earrings, the ones she’s been wearing for over 30 years, what was she wearing, what did her face look like. I try to recall my grandma’s face, her wrinkles, my sister’s and niece’s blue eyes, my godmother’s hair color, my grandpa’s smile. I try hard… But get only vague images from my childhood, the time when I had a large family, when we were happy. I hide among my memories restoring them from tiny colorful fragments.

This project is combining original photos from the family archive with their blurred and pixelated copies thus visualizing the mechanism of forgetting.